Mythology & Religion: What Are They?


Hi! I’m Grizzle!

I started a blog. Not sure what a blog is supposed to be. I’m just going to have a go and writing stuff down. I decided to do this for myself really. I’m not trying to appeal to anyone. So for anyone reading my stuff…Sorry if it seems strange. I don’t possess a broad vocabulary, I’m not articulate, and to top it up. I express myself very poorly…BUT! I think I have interesting things to say. I guess we all think that. Whatever, It’s true to me!

Just imagine you are the owner of a beautiful garden. Not just any garden, a very fruitful vegetable garden. You’ve been growing food year after year for 20 years. Every year rats keep eating your vegetables. Not just yours but all your neighbour’s vegetables too.So, you finally decide to get a cat. After the growing season has come to an end, you find that your crop this year has been the best ever. You don’t put it down to chance, you put it down to the cat. Because it makes sense. Cats love to kill rats. With this knowledge, you tell all your neighbours. They all buy cats. The following year you and all your neighbours have rat free gardens. Every garden on the street had a rat free year, the reason has to be the cat. Ain’t that right, bros?. It makes sense. It’s the common trend of all the gardens. All gardens had a cat nearby. There’s a correlation there. A common theme. All gardens are producing similar results when it comes to rats. But all gardens and houses are different. The whole tapestry of man’s creativity and personality are expressed in their homes.

Every single mythology and religion I have come across, has one single common theme. From the small shamanic tribe of Papua New Guinea, to the ancient beliefs of the Minoans in Crete, to the Catholic Church of the Vatican, a common theme can be found. All marked the imprint of humanity in all it’s glory. The good and the bad. In short, all religions and myths are expressions of man’s creativity in telling us the story of nature. The story of the natural world, and journey of man’s life. Unlike an anthropomorphic god, there is proof of nature. It’s easier to follow. There is no burden of proof.  This might sound like pantheism. Perhaps it is. I don’t know enough about pantheism to know whether it is or not.

Anyways…hopefully I shall now try and explain this in some detail. I stress the word some. This blog will always revolve around mythology anyway, so I might skip out on fine detail for this particular entry.  I’m eager to finish my 2nd entry. Which gives a better idea of what to expect.

The natural world includes humanity and everything that we are. Humans are a part of the natural world. We exist. Therefore, we are a part of nature. It’s quite obvious to all of us. But usually, humans being a part of nature, is not an association we always make when thinking of the natural world.  We are bound to nature, we are not free from the laws of nature.

Things such as death, sex, kindest, evil, sound, rain, the sun,  light, the seasons, etc are all symbolised through concepts such as Jesus, Osiris, Lyr, Hell, Heaven Reincarnation, Easter, Demons,etc.

The multitude of belief systems and practices throughout the life of man,  is only a reflection of man’s external diversity and their propensity to create separation. Culture and tribalism are creations of man. Just as religions and myths are. The creation of culture is the height of all things good about man. We can read beautiful poetry and gaze at wonders. Religion has wonderful principles to hold onto. Kindness, generosity , fairness, etc. On the flipside, humans create things such nations and borders, they bring out the worst in man. We divide ourselves. We create xenophobia and warfare over our positive differences. This is reflected in religion. We’re all too aware how religions can cause humans to clash over their differences. Religions and Myths are creations of men. Despite what they may claim, all information regarding their beliefs are purveyed through books, art, architecture, the oral tradition. They are created by humans, for humans. Human behavioural patterns are evident them.


The most venerated aspects symbolised through myth are the celestial bodies. The Sun, the Moon, the Stars and the Planets have huge importance in most mythologies. We’ll take a brief look at how Islam is the worship of the Moon.

Much of Pre-Islamic Arabia was polytheistic and Pagan in modality. Christianity and Judaism had also started making an impact on the region. The indigenous beliefs, however, have always been pagan.  The evidence suggests that Hinduism had spread to Arabia through the legendary figure of King Vikramaditya of Ancient India. Vikramaditya wasn’t a conqueror, but a kind, generous king who was deeply spiritual and honoured knowledge and learning. It’s believed he introduced many of the beliefs of the pre-Islamic Arabia. Their most important deity was the Moon Goddess. The Kaabaa was a shrine to the primary God, Hubal. I fully explore by what I mean when I say “Primary God” another day. Its the creative force that exists in nature. We know that things can be created. The natural world didn’t produce the pyramids of Egypt. Man created that with intelligence, determination, and creativity. A butterfly is created from a caterpillar. A giant Giant Sequoia Redwood emerges from a seed. The drawing below did not appear on the paper, I drew it. This force is evident in nature. And it simply is the most wonderous thing. It’s an act of Godliness. War and Peace did not write itself. It took the genius of Leo Tolstoy’s creativity. It wasn’t his intelligence that allowed him to write it. It was his creativity. If all it took was intelligence, we’d had a million Leo Tolstoys. It was his individual brilliance. This is why monotheism exists. Worship my creation. I was created from a bit of spunk. Now marvel at the self.


The Kaabaa had no idols dedicated to Hubal. His daughters however, did. Their idols were the most worshipped deities in Pagan Arabia. “The Daughters of Allah” was what they went by. Al-lat, Al-Uzza and Manat were Moon Goddesses. Each Goddess represents the 3 major phases of the moon. The crescent moon, the full moon and the waning moon. The new moon, is the absence of the moon. There is no moon on the night of the new moon. Al-lat, the crescent moon, represents growth, the phase of the moon just after a new moon. Al-Uzza, the full moon, represents power and strength. Manat, the waning moon, represents death. The moon phase after a full moon, the moon gets smaller every day.



Islam follows a Lunar Calendar. They don’t follow a 365 day cycle. Most people have little idea how that works in practice. Most of the world is accustomed to Christmas in December. A cold month. An ember. We burn the logs to keep us warm. It has a specific date. It takes place at a specific point in the season. The winter season. Eid is the biggest annual celebration for Muslims. Every year, the celebration moves back 11 days. The sighting of a new moon dictates what day Eid falls on. The place in the season doesn’t matter. Eid has been celebrated in December and June. This is also true for Ramadan. The month of fasting. It moves back 11 days every year. So Muslims at some points in their lives will fast in the long summer nights, and the short winter nights. The sighting of a new moon dictates when the fasting begins and when it ends. To celebrate the end of the fast, one of the 2 Eids is celebrated. The celebrations occur when the light of the moon escapes the death phase. Our beloved moon is growing again.

The moon has always been associated with femininity. The moon affects the menstrual cycle. A cycle which lasts 28 days. There are 28 cycles of the moon. Women go through many emotional changes during the cycles. We know all the jokes, right? One aspect of the Werewolf myth reflects this. The moon has a transformative power. It reflects the pattern of the menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle of women is the rising and falling levels of 3 hormones in women. Progesterone, Estrogen and Testerone. They also reflects the 3 major phases of the moon. Progesterone is responsible for pregnancy and conception. Estrogen is responsible for turning girls into fully grown women. Testosterone is a male hormone that diminishes with each passing year. It dies out with age.

moon cycle 2

The Arabian Pagans worshipped the Divine Feminine. The sacred energy that represents life, creation, birth, healing, nurturing, love, understanding, compassion, insight, intuition, wisdom, forgiveness, harmony. Islam flips this. Christianity and Judaism do something similar in their theology, they take what is sacred and flip it. Islam, instead of placing women as equals, has a theology which reduces women to a lesser role. I don’t mean to cause offence, but I would know. Women aren’t allowed to leave the home without covering their hair, but men are. My sister wasn’t allowed to go out and play after school. Girls aren’t allowed to socialise late at night, but men are. Women can’t go to the pilgrimage on their own, but men are. Women cannot lead the prayer. The Divine Feminine is not revered. It is suppressed. Christianity is veneration of Sol. The soul. Spirit. Instead it reveres materialism. It suppresses the spirit. Judaism is the veneration of The Star. It rules intelligence, truth and morality. But instead it reveres dishonesty and deceit. The Sun, Moon and Stars are symbols for our religions. The cross is a symbol of the 4 seasons aswell as the So(U)l. Christianity is supposed to be about love, kindness, righteousness, generosity, having spirit. Judaism about truth and morality. Islam a belief system celebrating nurturing, creativity, emotions and life. Islam a religion about life and growth sacrifices animals in huge numbers during both Eids. When a baby is born (LIFE), the parents must sacrifice an animal and give to family as gifts. The Aqeeqah. Islam, more than any other Abrahamic faith has high regard for martyrdom.

 religion collage


Today we have world leaders, religious figures, the rich and powerful sitting in room discussing what to do with the rest of us. This isn’t new in the story of man. It happened in aristocratic Renaissance Europe, crusading Middle Aged Britain and the Senate Council of the Roman Empire. You think they wouldn’t conspire to keep the peasants under control. Without the people, you will never hold onto power. They knew this back then they know this now. The Abrahamic faiths are one huge collaboration. The way they are presented to us was decided by people in powerful positions. If the masses are engorged in materialism, death, dishonesty, immorality, racism, hate, individuality and the self. There is no way we can overthrow corrupt regimes. We can’t even see the corruption all around us. It permeates every aspect of our lives.

This does happen all across the world too. At varying levels. The elites ranks of society will always want to hold onto their power and status. Altering people’s perception of reality is the best device to control a population.

I mean what is ISIS symbolically? Isis is the female deity of Ancient Egypt. A mother, a creator goddess, she gives birth to a SON, Horus. Which is the Moon giving way for the light of the SUN. The parallel is the Full Moon, the mother, she is life. Isis takes on many different aspects of nature. This is common in many mythologies. There will be a cross over with some gods and goddesses, especially if they are important. Isis has considered as Sun Goddess and a Moon Goddess. The culture was trying to tell the tale of nature. ISIS kills and sacrifices people on TV – I don’t believe that really happens. I realise who controls ISIS and the media – ISIS are always adorned in black. Almost similar to the black burqas that the women wear. Black represents death in general, here it specifically represents the death of the moon. Manat. Islam, the feminine religion of life. Is presented through ISIS as a religion of death by men. By excessive amounts of Testosterone. it’s all flipped upside down. The true meaning can only by gleaned through knowledge of the occult. Freemasons know what’s going on.


Let’s take a little closer look at Horus as a last example. Almost identical to Jesus, Attis, Krishna, Dionysus, Tammuz, Mithra and many others. The worship of the Sun is the most popular belief in antiquity. Horus is the Sun rising on the HORIZ-on. Horus rising.  It’s archenemy is the darkness, Set. This is why we say the sun sets. Horus defeats Set at dawn. In the twilight hours, Set wins. Ra and Isis are also considered Sun gods. They take on different aspects of the Sun. Ra personifies light. Isis personifies the life giving nature of the Sun. Horus, is dedicated to the position of the Sun. In the seasons, and in a day. This is why hours is just an anagram of Horus. Xmas is just a celebration of the rising sun. Signalling the start of longer days and more light. The incoming growing season. On the 22nd of Decemember. The Winter Solstice. The Sun reaches it’s lowest point on the horizon. The Sun stops on the constellation of the Southern Cross. And for the next 3 days, it doesn’t change it’s position. After 3 days it begins to rise again. The Sun is resurrected.


If I can bring myself to continuing to make more entries, you’ll see how other religious systems are metaphors for the events and bodies in the natural world. Explanations of the physical and non-physical realities are given to us through stories and characters. This is what we are accustomed to, we love stories. When a husband comes home, his wife will ask “how was your day?” She wants to hear a story and he wants to tell a story. When you’re in the pub with mates, you tell each other anecdotes. We are overwhelmed with stories, from our lives to the small screen to paper to ancient walls.

Religions are stories. They tell the story of man’s nature and his connection to the natural world.

The subconscious and conscious minds process stories easier. The subconscious interprets the symbols in a different way. It affects you without your knowledge. It is the sub conscious.  it auto-triggers responses based on collected memories of everything. The subconscious is connected to the collective consciousness.  Humanity co-creates the world we live in.

I might stop here for now. I hope you might have understood how religions are just methods for telling the story of nature, and humanity’s role as a part of the natural processes of life. I may add more information later on. Thanks for reading all the way through!


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