Lock Her Up : The War on Women.


2016-06-02_024252There is a war that is being fought that you are completely unaware of. A war in your mind and on your streets.  You are a combatant.

British Muslims are going through some hard times now.  Since 9/11, the Muslim is considered a threat. In ideology and the physical.  Humanity is stuck in the lower self, our tribalist nature flourishes in the workplace, on the TV, in the papers, in politics and most worryingly, in our day to day lives.  Sadly, it’s the women on the receiving end of anger, hate and ignorance. They are spat at, they have their clothes ripped off, they are kicked, punched, slapped, we make endless fun of the clothes they wear, we mock their lack of freedom and we are totally ambivalent when we see a mother and her young children in a refugee camp.  It’s a ground war, and it’s the women who are on the frontlines without weapons or reinforcements. The occupation of women’s freedom has no end in sight.  The War on Terror is war on the divine feminine, on women.  On all women. It’s a war on you and your humanity.  Muslim women are not the only victims, There is a more subtle war being fought all across the world.  It reaches all of our homes.

In another of my posts I showed how Islam in it’s original form was religion of the Divine Feminine.  They revered the wonder that is the female of the species. This also effects men. The divine feminine exists within all of us. It is genderless. It controls the aspects of your personality which are regarded as feminine. Nurturing, creativity, emotions, intuition, etc. For any men reading this, I’m not suggesting you start behaving like women. On the contrary, men should be men and women should be women, externally. Internally, we all need to have balance. We need to adopt all that is great about humanity. We need the best of both worlds.

So we’ll start by taking a look at the Muslim situation.  Over the many many years, man’s interference and propensity for corruption have turned Islam into a religion which suppresses the Divine Feminine in all of us, and in practice it suppresses women’s freedom. The Divine Feminine is caged. Do you ever wonder why Guantanamo Bay exists? Or why ISIS keep caging people.  Or why CAGE is the name of a leading Islamic advocacy organisation. Or why Gaza is a prison. Or why ‘Orange is the New Black’ takes place in prison. Or why cage fighting has suddenly become so popular.  You may naturally assume that these things are all separate of each other, but the reality is that they are connected. Either through man’s creation or the synchronicity of the Universe. Irregardless, they all serve as symbols of suppressing women.  The symbols are making it to your mind which the subconscious has a deeper understanding of the spells being cast.  The stories you are exposed to will affect you in someway.


Gaza is the largest prison on Earth. It even comes with a huge perimeter wall. The large Islamic population are prisoners. Gaza has a population of 1.8 million, and around 75-80% are women and children.  This is a symbolic attack on the mother.  Manat, the Waning Moon consuming the Full Moon, Al-Uzza.  Even the colours of the Palestine flag represent Al-Uzza. The Mother.  Colour symbology is very important too. Colours are able to affect the mind in certain ways, as are colour combinations.  I won’t get into it much here, though.  Whenever we are shown images of Gaza you’re guaranteed to be shown a mother crying over her dead children.  It’s the same with the refugee crisis. We see mothers and her children. Though, their children die drowning in the sea.  Hoards of Palestinian children are imprisoned in Israeli dungeons.  Even the refugees are imprisoned, on the ground away from the cameras.  Muslims are locked up in immigration detention centres all across Europe.  Imprisoned with no crime committed. The terrors caused on children is symbolic of the persecution of Al-Lat. The Crescent Moon. The Maiden. An attack on the innocence, purity and growth. An attack on your innocence and purity.  That aspect of your human spirit which is locked away  with the rest of the Divine Feminine.  There is no solution in sight.  Nobody is working on one.  We are easier to control this way.


This attack on The Maiden permeates into Western Society.  In Northern England, in towns like Bradford, Rotherham and Rochdale.  Grown – usually Muslim – men are torturing young girls. Physically and mentally.  They are able to carry out these crimes on children with the help of local councils and local police.  With all the surveillance we have at our disposal to watch young Muslim men.  The rape and kidnap of children should not be allowed at these dizzying frequencies. The survivors of these abuses of course have to go back into society.  Where their misery spreads. Misery and unhappiness are also symbolic of the colour black.  The rape and torture of young children isn’t only reserved for Muslim men up North.  Our government engages in these acts. We know all about people such as Ted Heath, Leon Brittain and Cyril Smith.  Places such as Elm Guest House, Kincora and Haut de la Garenne exist. Care homes do not care for our children, they only excel in sending out emotionally and physically abused children out into the world. Muslim men are supposedly on the rampage in Europe raping women. Footballers who try to seduce children into sex are defended by the public.  We use drugs to get women to rape women. Celebrities beat their wives and girlfriends.  Promiscuous men are called studs. Women, sluts. Jimmy Saville, friend of the Royal Family, is allowed to rape children and get away with it. So many Brits on TV are committing the same crimes. I don’t want this to end being a huge list, I could easily make it one. Even our leaders are in bed with known paedophile ringmasters.  The Epsteins of this world have friends like Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. What message do we send out to our children and society in general. We do absolutely nothing. We allow it to continue. Not enough go to prison or are punished. In fact, they are protected and encouraged to continue their tyranny on our Maiden.

Carl Jung, in regards to the archetype of the feminine, tells us that “Whatever the Self rejects, appears as events in the world.” The dogmatic beliefs we hold and practices towards women are manifesting through co-creation. The collective conscious is creating Hell on Earth for our women. It’s stopping you growing into a more balanced human being. All humans require the divine feminine to flourish. The mind and body needs balance between the 2. As does our world. This is what the elite are working tirelessly to control.  One of the characteristics of the feminine is it’s passiveness, which in turn makes it easier to subdue than the impatient aggressive masculine energy.


I’ll finish entries when I feel like doing it. What’s the point in doing something you don’t want to do. Sorry if that attitude stinks. I’m probably working on another topic or getting high or playing some obscure strategy game. I’m really sorry.  Just not feeling this one at the moment. I will continue another time. I guess I need the planets to align or something.

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