Hi! I’m Grizzle!

I’m 35 year old introvert with acute bipolar disorder.

Lover of doodling, anime, fantasy and the mysterious….and ANIMALS!

Former Muslim who is now a Pagan or Pantheist of sorts.

I use those terms only to make it easier for you to see my angle. I don’t identify with any group. I don’t fit into a box. We never should. It’s not how we are supposed to live our lives. The box is our mental prison.

Former Englishman who is now just a Human Citizen….of sorts.

I started a blog. Not sure what a blog is supposed to be. I’m just going to have a go and writing stuff down. I decided to do this for myself really. I’m not trying to appeal to anyone. So for anyone reading my stuff…Sorry if it seems strange. I don’t possess a broad vocabulary, I’m not articulate, and to top it up. I express myself very poorly…BUT! I think I have interesting things to say. I guess we all think that. Whatever, It’s true to me!

I’ve been in the ‘conspiracy’ world since 9/11. I was 18 at the time. A week before I was going to start University. I was going to be moving from my home in Birmgham to study and live in London. I remember thinking at the time that USA carried out this attack to blame Muslims. Turns out I was right. Well, sort of. 9/11 has a multitude of causes. Ever since then, I’ve always had a toe in conspiracies. This originally began as a reason to uncover why people in power were attacking people like me. I was still a Muslim at the time. My spirituality as a Muslim was up and down. Went through phases of being religious and phases of drinking, doing drugs and just generally fucking around.  But when I was serious about it, I was only really ever interested in Sufi Islam, or Tassawuf. The purification of the heart. An aspect of the religion which primarily focuses on cleansing the soul. Rumi was a sufi.

For much of my life I’ve been searching for the truth, and after many years of exposure to different areas of truth seeking, I’ve developed an interest in certain areas. I’m usually most interested in matters of the soul, spirit, creation, nature, symbolism, ancient history, theology, mythology, numerology, astrology, synchronicity and morality. This blog will tend to focus on these avenues of interest. But I’ll mix these with my interest in more ‘normal’ things. Such as football, television shows, movies, books and current affairs. 

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy 🙂